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CCS Expands into Cybersecurity Governance Consulting

(Hamilton, Bermuda, November 23, 2017) – CCS Group Limited today announces that it has added cybersecurity governance consulting to its roster of services. This type of service is typically offered by specialty or accountancy firms. Although these firms conduct the security compliance audits for Bermuda businesses, they often don’t have the resources to help remediate the cybersecurity gaps illustrated by the audits. ‍

Businesses in Bermuda face stringent security regulations from local authorities and international regulators. In order to ensure that their security meet the regulatory requirements, businesses face regular compliance audits. CCS’s new security governance consulting service will use international standards and frameworks to guide clients in the application and optimal operation of their security protocols. This service will also help ensure that these clients are prepared for the cybersecurity portions of their compliance audits.

CCS cybersecurity governance consulting will not only facilitate businesses being well prepared for security compliance audits but will also help any business validate that they have sufficient policies, procedures and security solutions in place to aid in safeguarding them from cyberattacks. With effective security strategies in place, businesses can mitigate risks of breaches, reputational damage and fines imposed by regulators.

This new consulting service will be led by CCS’s new Enterprise Security Consultant, Darren Mowat, who previously worked for the New Zealand government as an Information Security Consultant and Senior Systems Programmer. As a cybersecurity consultant, Darren has experience working with complex IT structures, major IT projects, IT operations and business processes, focusing on security Governance, Risk and Compliance. He also has experience of working with international security standards and frameworks, including ISO 27001, SOC 2, NIST Cybersecurity Framework, CSA STAR and NZISM.

Peter Aldrich, General Manager of CCS, said: “We are delighted to be able to expand our services to include enterprise security governance. We feel strongly that this will increase the value CCS delivers to its customers. This is a logical addition to our enterprise security offerings and one that has been requested by a number of our clients. It has never been more clear that there is a need for meticulous security procedures and checks to help defend against cyberattacks in Bermuda.”



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