BAS Group Solutions has developed solutions targeted at key vertical markets present in Bermuda and the Caribbean. Collectively the BAS group of companies represent over 150 years of service delivery. Each BAS subsidiary has listened to their clients' needs and helped them achieve their goals with high value solutions that deliver a quick return on investment (ROI), and an impressive array of affordable service options.

The companies within the group bring a wide variety of knowledge, skills and hands-on industry experience to group solutions. The solutions outlined are developed from real world experience and solutions delivered to our wide customer base.

Put our experience and expertise to work to help you!

Technologies such as room access, HVAC controls, power management and in-room entertainment have advanced significantly in the past decade. Each of these elements can have a considerable impact on a hotel's bottom line and a hotel customer's experience. BAS Group Solutions (BASG) has assembled a hospitality package that addresses the most common pain points experienced by hotels in the region with leading edge solutions that reduce costs and creates new revenue streams, whilst enhancing the guest experience.

The BASG solution helps hoteliers reduce cost by delivering an all in one system for room access and energy management. Thermostats that communicate wirelessly with door switches and motion sensors determine the guest occupancy and take control of room temperature when no one is present. In addition, BASG can deliver smart entertainment and communications solutions allowing your guests' voice, Wi-Fi access, HD television content and video on demand to be delivered through a single wiring infrastructure.

With the BASG solution, new revenue streams can be created through interactive menus on televisions and phones for easy access to hotel services. Additional revenues can gestated, HD Video on Demand and Wi-Fi access. Making all of these technologies work in concert required a very diverse skill set rarely found in one company. With BAS Group Solutions you can get them from a single point of contact with a single point of accountability. These solutions can be bundled or implemented a-la-carte and work with new construction or can be retrofitted to existing hotels.

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Both large and small organisations in Bermuda and the rest of the Caribbean are faced with a common problem, the high cost of communications. To combat this many organisations are investing in new infrastructure to improve the quality and reduce the cost of their communications. However, the geography, equipment and availability of skilled labour present challenges.

BAS Group Solutions (BASG) has implemented carrier grade wireless infrastructure for a flexible and versatile alternative to fibre or copper. DragonWave with XPIC can be implemented for use as a data backhaul for a quick, cost effective communications infrastructure upgrade. The Microwave network utilises XPIC technology effectively doubling the potential capacity of a Microwave Path. It allows the assignment of the same frequency to both the vertical & horizontal Polarization on a Path.

Delivering from 2 to 4 Gbps per link, Horizon Quantum represents the next generation in packet microwave technology and sets a new benchmark for performance. With dual-channel capability, this split-mount system is a step change in spectral efficiency, capacity, nodal intelligence, and operational simplicity; all while occupying only half a rack unit and consuming the lowest power per bit of any solution today. In addition, the Horizon Quantum’s integrated switching means that it can provide aggregation and restoration in a single unit.

With this level of performance – in a packet microwave system that is remarkably simple to install and operate – operators can now avoid the high cost and long delays associated with fibre deployments, yet achieve the capacity and reliability they require for all of their future applications and services.

DragonWave technology is already used by carriers globally, including Bermuda and Caribbean based carriers. DragonWave is noted as one of the leaders and innovators in the field.

Solution Highlights:

  • 2 to 4 Gbps capacity with DragonWave’s Bandwidth Accelerator
  • 8 GbE ports with intelligent nodal ring and mesh switching for carrier-grade reliability
  • Highest spectral efficiency
  • Advanced radio features including service aware Hitless Automatic Adaptive Modulation (HAAM) and XPIC
  • SyncE support and optimized transport of 1588v2
  • Pay-as-you-grow with automatic remote scalability
  • Advanced security with integrated 256-bit AES encryption
  • Comprehensive Ethernet OAM support (802.3ah, 802.1ag, Y.1731)
  • Advanced QoS support with 8 levels of prioritization
  • Comprehensive management and provisioning with DragonVision NMS
  • Lowest total cost of ownership solution

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The way we consume data is changing. The pervasiveness of smartphones, tablets and ultra slim laptops in our personal and professional lives means we need to be connected all of the time. The cost of cellular data in Bermuda and the Caribbean is still extremely high. Businesses are implementing wireless networks or WiFi to ensure that their employees and customers can stay connected without having to incur the costs of cellular data.

BAS Group Solutions (BASG) leverages the capabilities of the companies in the group to deliver secure wireless networks for government, enterprise, hotels, healthcare and retail customers in Bermuda and across the Caribbean. BASG works with the leading technology providers including Cisco, Maraki and Meru to design and implement cutting edge wireless solutions tailored to address the challenges of specific industry verticals.

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Hotels have been delivering content on demand to their guests for decades. Most guests expect to be able to watch high definition (HD) news and sport for free when they stay at a hotel. However, access to HD content and content on demand has not been readily available in Bermuda or the Caribbean for very long. It is estimated that 90% of Bermudian hotels and guest houses lack the infrastructure required to deliver HD content or content on demand to their guests - and there are similar statistics in many islands across the Caribbean.

BAS Group Solutions (BASG) would like to change that by leveraging the depth of our knowledge and experience in ICT and audio-visual. Our suite of products are able to integrate into front-end hospitality applications and generate instant revenue streams.

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Signage has always played an important role in business. Today, businesses are taking advantage of increasingly advanced and affordable display technology both to improve their customers’ experience, and to stand out from the crowd. Hotels, hospitals, retail stores, fast food chains and even vending machines are incorporating digital display for a dynamic, flexible and often interactive platform to share their message.

Utilising the skills of several of its subsidiaries, BAS Group Solutions (BASG) can deliver complete digital signage solutions customised for your business unique needs. BASG has partnered with the leading digital display manufactures including Samsung, Sharp and NEC. These product lines allow us to deliver the largest indoor displays available, ruggedized weather proof outdoor displays and even customised transparent or translucent digital displays. In addition to procuring and installing the displays, BASG’s digital signage team can provide content creation and services.

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New data centres are being designed differently. Today, data centres are more efficient, more modular, and more flexible allowing them to adapt to new technologies as they becomes available. It is imperative that HVAC, uninterrupted power supply (UPS), generator power, security, cabling and fire suppression all be taken into account when designing a data centre. With the diverse skill sets available within the BAS Group, BAS Group Solutions (BASG) is able to deliver an end to end solution for efficient and flexible next-generation data centres for carriers, cloud provider and enterprise alike.

BASG utilises the market leading APC InfraStruxure system for its data centre solutions. InfraStruxure is the scalable and adaptable data centre architecture that dramatically reduces time and complexity from concept and design through installation. Power, cooling, racks, security and management components are conceived and tested as part of an integrated data centre solution which is evident in the aesthetics, functionality and ease of management software integration. Taking a broad system view enables full realization of the benefits of going fast, going dense and going green while ensuring your critical availability targets are met. InfraStruxure is the proven "on demand" architecture for building data centre solutions small and large, delivering high availability and energy efficiency whether deployed on its own, in a zone, or in incremental steps.

For standby generator power BASG offers a range of solutions to meet the project requirements, from diesel generators by Cummins, Perkins and John Deere to the advanced Modular Power System (MPS) from Generac. MPS is an integrated approach to generator paralleling and is cost competitive with large single gensets and traditional paralleling systems. Advantages are redundancy, flexibility and scalability in a modular type paralleling system.

The BASG data centre solutions employ various clean agent suppression and pre-action systems including the environmentally friendly Stat-X fire suppression aerosol generators. The Stat-X family of fire suppression systems is based on aerosol technology developed by NASA. The Stat-X fire suppressant is a patented potassium-based aerosol that suppresses fire by chemically interfering with the free radicals of flame. It is ecologically safe, ten times as effective as halon replacements with zero ozone depletion and no global warming potential. The Stat-X application technology requires no pressure vessels, manifolds, nozzles or pipe work, factors which result in significant installation and maintenance savings. Keeping in line with the flexibility of the other systems, BASG used the Siemon Plug and Play Fibre Optic Solution and high density Z-MAX unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cables for its data centre solution. The Plug and Play Fibre is constructed of high-quality fibre optic cable with factory terminated and tested connections guarantee maximum channel throughput without the performance variability of field terminations. The system's flexible design allows additional links to be easily added as connectivity needs expand. In our experience the Siemon plug and play systems can be deployed 75% faster than traditional field terminated fibre connections. In addition to the fibre, the Z-MAX 6A UTP solution features PCB-based smart plugs, optimized outlets, reduced diameter cable and high-density patch panels. The Z-MAX system provides an outstanding margin on all TIA and ISO performance requirements and the innovative termination process eliminates the variability of field terminations, providing faster, more effective installations.

From the ground up, the BASG next-generation data centre solution is designed to be cost effective, efficient, and flexible. This solution is ideal for new data centre builds, but many of the components of the solution can be implemented with data centre expansions or retrofitted in to existing data centres and IT rooms.

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A smart building is one that achieves operational cost savings and better occupant comfort by taking advantage of improved and converged technologies. These include electrical systems, appliances, automated window treatments, HVAC systems and data networking. BAS Group Solutions (BASG) leverages the expertise of several of its subsidiaries to deliver comprehensive smart building solutions.

BASG’s portfolio of products and solutions can be implemented into new construction or retrofitted into existing buildings regardless of their age. Some smart building concepts are simple and easy to implement, such as adjusting HVAC temperature set points based on occupancy and retrofitting light fixtures with energy efficient light bulbs. More complex solutions involve advanced control strategies to optimise energy use in a building while improving comfort and safety for all occupants.

Every building is different. However, the smart building team at BASG can perform a basic, initial audit of your facility to quickly determine if there are areas where significant efficiency gains can be realised. From this initial assessment BASG can propose potential solutions with estimated optimisation gains to ascertain whether a detail audit and energy master plan are warranted.

BASG smart building solutions give building owners the ability to significantly reduce their operating cost, improving their bottom lines and giving them an advantage in Bermuda’s increasingly competitive corporate real estate market. BASG also offers creative financing options that are based on the energy saving delivered though its smart building solutions, making it easy for any building owner to reduce their energy consumption.

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